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Vision 2030: Recycling as a key function for a sustainable life

Wednesday, 15. April 2015

Product innovations, the development of alternative energy sources and, above all, the rising global population mean that the demand for plastics will continue to increase. At the same time the shortage of fossil raw materials is increasing.

Asked about how this situation will continue to develop until the year 2030, the two CEOs of Erema GmbH of Ansfelden, Austria, Klaus Feichtinger and Manfred Hackl, speak with one voice: the key lies in the efficient utilization of plastic streams and the key function is in the recycling of plastics. Closed loops with high amounts of recycled material for high-quality products would also help plastic gain a positive image in society.

The full article was published in "Kunststoffe international" 1-2/ 2015.

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