Phoenix Technologies International LLC - - - - United States
VACUREMA® Prime 2321T
Bottle to Bottle System

PET recycler Phoenix Technologies International LLC is planning to double reprocessing capacity in Bowling Green, Ohio to 140 million pounds annually by the middle of next year. Tis plan includes construction of a new building that will house two now extrusion lines for bottle-to-bottle recycling. These extrusion lines are VACUREMA® bottle-to-bottle recycling systems. The company has been recycling PET in Bowling Green for nearly three decades with processing equipment developed by itself. For the new equipment it chose the well-known technology by EREMA. Phoenix expects to process 5 billion bottles each year into food-grade rPET, once the additional recycling lines are in operation.

Application: PET bottle-to-bottle
Materials: PET bottle flakes
Product category: VACUREMA
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