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Circular Economy in Action!

From single use to multiple use

17 September 2019 - EREMA North America, Ipswich, MA

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please join us on September 17th for Discovery Day 2019 at our Tech Center in Ipswich, MA. Unlike a trade show, this is your chance to explore the latest recycling technologies in action.

We will “peel away” an entire pallet of water bottles to show how each component can be recycled, including the PET bottle itself and all the adjoining materials - caps, labels, shrink wrap, etc.

The event will include both technical presentations and hands-on demonstrations of polyolefin re-processing on our INTAREMA machines.

Our goal is to ensure each of you have a useful, informative, and pleasurable experience at EREMA North America.
Program details will follow soon and we look forward to your visit.


Mike Horrocks
EREMA North America

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