It all depends what you want to make of it.

Recycling and compounding in a single processing step. This system sets new standards in further processing. Waste is turned into compounded recyclate that is precisely optimised for future products in an energy-efficient process that guarantees top quality. An upgrade for the entire process, possibilities and performance.

Enhance quality with precision.

For recyclates that meet the highest standards. COREMA® has the robustness needed for recycled raw material such as PP fleece, PE edge trim and PA fibres. And to achieve even better results even faster we have combined recycling and compounding.

The COREMA® technology:

The filtered melt is fed to a co-rotating twin screw extruder. Additives increase the quality. The result is recycling compound precisely tailored to every kind of application.

First, design the raw material...

Using special materials for special products not only achieves the best results, but is the most cost-effective way of doing it.

...then the product.

We see it time and time again: Recyclate compounded by COREMA® inspires designers and delights careful spenders.

The future belongs to upcycling.

Top-quality end products that offer endless possibilities. Because material collected for recycling can be used again and again for new raw materials tailored to customer requirements. With COREMA®.

A loop pointing upward.

Upcycling increases not just the quality of the processed raw materials: it also sends your sales figures up.

Exactly the right solution for every application.

Our technologies are designed specifically for each type of application.






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