The faster way is far more economical.

Focusing on efficiency always pays dividends. VACUREMA® drastically speeds up the recycling process with SafeFlake technology. The process starts with decontamination of the flakes. This lays the foundation for a high-quality outcome. Compared to pellets, flakes of the same volume have a larger surface area. For this reason, they dry much faster – and are already clean and dry when they are extruded in the vacuum reactor. The result: You get clean, food-contact-compliant rPET pellets quickly and with lower energy consumption.

SafeFlake: cleaned in a vacuum, complete safety guaranteed.

With SafeFlake, decontamination of the flakes and all the other steps take place in vacuum conditions. Migration substances are reliably removed in a stable process environment, and imbalances in the input material’s moisture and IV values are flexibly corrected during the process.

Stable results.

This guarantees end products of consistent quality with outstanding colour and IV values all along the line.

Process times in the extruder cut by up to 40%.

Perfectly prepared and clean and transferred in a high-vacuum environment, the material requires less power from the extruder. The extruder’s shorter length is visible evidence of this.

Less is more.

But the dwell time and energy requirement are also drastically reduced. Every aspect of the technology is tuned to efficiency. Consistent feeding enables stable throughput.

The benchmark of energy-saving: 0.295 kWh/kg

A figure that underlines the benefits of our bottle-to-bottle system: 0.295 kWh/kg. This is how low the specific total energy consumption of the VACUREMA® Prime is. With it, we beat all the other PET processing lines assessed by the independent SKZ plastics centre.

Winning qualities! The champion for total cost of ownership.

Comparisons show that VACUREMA® is not only the champion for low energy costs, but for overall costs too. Everything is taken into account: the cost of acquisition, operational energy consumption, ultra-low maintenance costs. Commitment to quality and cost-consciousness combined in one system.

It all adds up to a big plus!

VACUREMA® is a highly efficient, complete, energy-saving system. Compact and with maximum flexibility. It’s all that’s needed for profitable bottle-to-bottle recycling.

Quality you can see, and food contact compliant:

VACUREMA® guarantees flawless rPET pellets.

Because it’s about your brand.

Clean melt, clean recycled pellets and preforms. Our bottle-to-bottle systems stand for uncompromising food contact compliance, highly efficient decontamination, high-performance filtration and safe handling. In short: top-quality end products.

It's so easy.

Stable processes and consistently high quality of pellets and preforms: production and company managers appreciate what our systems give them. Their straightforward operation and high level of automation are undeniable assets. The fact that the end products remain stable even if the input material changes is a clear flexibility bonus. Around 392 VACUREMA® and VACUNITE® systems are in use worldwide.

A reliable investment.

The best decision is a safe decision. EREMA bottle-to-bottle systems offer impressively low total cost of ownership, low energy consumption and high uptime. Fully in keeping with high productivity, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Exactly the right solution for every application.

Our technologies are designed specifically for each type of application.

Select your model

Not all plastics are the same - and specific applications succeed best with purpose-specific machines.





Seeing the customer's point of view.

The challenge is to completely remove all contaminants from our starting material which is PET bottles. VACUREMA® can handle this because of its high residence time in the vacuum reactors.

Chandru Wadhwani

Joint Managing Director at Extrupet

If the quality of the washed flakes is right, the inline preforms don't need to shy away from being compared to injection-moulded virgin products

Christoph Wöss

EREMA Group Business Development Manager, Application Bottle


VACUREMA® Inline Applications

VACUREMA® Inline Applications

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Whatever you want to know about this technology and the advantages of VACUREMA® in general or in detail: give us a call or write to us. We are here for you and highly efficient bottle-to-bottle recycling.