Whether it’s rPET carpet yarns or staple fibres: With VACUREMA®technology combined with perfectly harmonised downstream unit, high-quality end products are produced in a single step. This is because you use 100% washed post-consumer PET bottle flakes or mixtures of flakes with virgin material. In a process that’s extremely efficient and economical.

Our partner for rPET carpet yarns: Trützschler Switzerland.

Trützschler Switzerland is a specialist for the filament extrusion of thermoplastic polymers such as PP, PA6, PA6.6 and PET (primary pellets) and rPET. Our cooperation partner supplies bespoke solutions for the production of carpet yarns and high-strength/low-shrink filaments for industrial applications.

Your practical benefits

Economical and technically better

Directly from PCR-PET flakes to 100% rPET fibre

Top quality – extremely tough, high-strength fibres, high crimp

Consistent and high IV value even with poorer quality input materials

High profitability

Large range of PET input mixtures possible

High energy efficiency

Possible materials

It's amazing what you can recycle with our inline fibre systems.

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Application Fibre, Nonwoven, Tape, Textile

Application Fibre, Nonwoven, Tape, Textile

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