Every bottle-to-bottle recycling step combined in one compact system. Our efficient, extremely energy-saving complete systems shorten the route to top-class, food-safe rPET pellets.

Your benefits

Economical and technically better.

Highly effective decontamination before extrusion

Up to 40% less dwell time in the extruder for less thermal stress, better colour values and lower energy requirements and costs

2.5 million tonnes of ultra-clean rPET for direct food contact per year.

In Europe, VACUREMA® has a market share of 40%, and in the USA it’s as high as 50%. This means that, globally, VACUREMA® is the most proven technology in the production of food-contact-compliant rPET.

Flexible with input even when moisture, IV values, bulk densities and flake wall thicknesses vary greatly ...

Stable output – IV value and colour remain constant

Low total cost of ownership (TCO) – a complete, efficient, energy-saving system that unites all the necessary bottle-to-bottle process steps in one compact process

Extreme energy savings: Only 0.35 kWh/kg specific energy consumption (all-in: including all auxiliary units such as the chiller for cooling water treatment, at 1000 kg/h).

No additional post-crystallisation needed

Minimal maintenance costs

Final IV before pelletising – fast, safe overall process (allowing 100% online IV control)

Small footprint, low height

How it works


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Two parallel vacuum crystallisation dryers are filled with amorphous, washed PET flakes. The crystallisation dryers work in proper batch mode. The exceptionally high level of purity of the rPET that is produced is achieved by a precisely defined and guaranteed minimum treatment time for every single thin-walled PET flake in vacuum and at increased temperatures. The decontamination requirements specified by authorities and brand owners are fulfilled through the adjustable batch times.

The two identical crystallisation dryers are situated immediately upstream of the continuously operating vacuum reactor. The IV increase of the PET flakes takes place inside the reactor through solid-phase polycondensation which takes it to the required level. The material is melted under vacuum in the directly connected extrusion system. The benefits of the VACUREMA® extruder: robust single screw technology and compact design for minimum thermal material stress.

(1) Highly efficient batch decontamination of the PET flakes
The patented pretreatment at elevated temperatures and under vacuum before the extrusion process removes moisture and migration materials from the feedstock very effectively and in a stable process environment. This prevents any hydrolytic and oxidative decomposition of the melt in the extruder.

(2) IV increase
The IV value is increased to the required level.

(3) Melting under vacuum

(4) Low thermal stress
The very short extruder screw without additional extruder degassing reduces the thermal stress on the material through minimised dwell time.

(5) Large-area ultrafine melt filtration
The robust, fully automatic filter removes even the smallest of aluminium, steel and other particles from the melt. The very large active filter areas enable filtration with up to 32-μm fineness at low pressure. The result is ultra-clean pellets.

(6) Underwater pelletiser for inline crystallisation
The PET melt is cut in hot water and transported to the centrifuge, where the pellets are crystallised by latent heat crystallisation from the inside to the outside without the need for an external source of energy. The configuration and temperature control used for this process enable very high crystallisation rates (> 40%) without an additional post-crystallisation process. The advantage: fewer components, less consumption.

Exactly the right solution for every application.

Our technologies are designed specifically for each type of application.


Bottle-to-Bottle: VACUNITE® / VACUREMA®

Bottle-to-Bottle: VACUNITE® / VACUREMA®

VACUREMA® Inline Applications

VACUREMA® Inline Applications

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