Contaminated post-consumer waste usually exudes intensive smells. However, EREMA has a technology that enables removal of even migrated odours during recycling. The innovative ReFresher in combination with the INTAREMA® TVEplus® prove to be a highly efficient double act.

Their respective tasks are clear: the INTAREMA® removes the highly volatile odour substances during extrusion while the downstream thermal-physical ReFresher cleaning process attends to the low-volatile, high-molecular odour matter. The patented TVEplus® extruder system is specifically designed to counteract the development of new odours resulting from impurities such as paper residues or silicone contaminants.

Your benefits

Economical and technically better.

Premium-quality recycled pellets through the unique technology combination of INTAREMA® TVEplus® and ReFresher

Increased value creation and new sales markets in sectors such as the home, automotive, design and lifestyle.

Closed energy loops – ReFresher can use heat from other production processes

INTAREMA® TVEplus® with energy-saving ecoSAVE®technology

Energy-saving, fully insulated ReFresher equipment

Odour treatment without the use of expensive additives

High, constant throughput and stable quality ensure low pellet costs per tonne

No vacuum necessary in the ReFresher, i.e. lower operating and maintenance costs

How it works

Stage 1 INTAREMA® TVEplus®

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The large-volume preconditioning unit ensures a long material residence time at high temperatures. In combination with Air Flush technology – which flushes the plastic with a continuous, hot stream of air – and the accompanying degassing, this results in elimination of the highly volatile odour substances prior to extrusion. And an additional bonus: high residual moisture in the material vaporises.

The reverse degassing and final double venting degassing zone at the extruder are particularly effective and remove any gas inclusions which are still present from the melt. One secret of the tremendous effectiveness here is the homogenisation zone which is located downstream of the filter and upstream of the final degassing and brings the melt to the temperature required for the end product.

Gentle melting and a short extruder up to filtration – what is good for the melt quality is also effective against additional odour development. This is because the gentle treatment at a low melt temperature and low shear forces means that impurities such as cellulose (wood, paper), rubber or silicone firstly do not burn and secondly are scarcely reduced in size. They remain large enough to be easily removed by the Laserfilter – before they can form unpleasant odours.

Output stage 1: Quality pellets
Perfectly filtered, homogenised and degassed – ideal for a multitude of high-end applications.
An additional bonus when using the continuous quality monitoring system QualityOn: only exactly specified pellets enter the ReFresher.

How it works


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The ReFresher cleaning process eliminates odours caused by low volatile, high-molecular substances. The technology keeps the pellets at the temperature required for fast and deep-cleansing discharge of volatile materials. Particularly energy-saving: the ReFresher uses the system's own energy from the pellets which are preheated through the extrusion process. Thanks to the ideal, stable process preparation in the INTAREMA® TVEplus® only relatively short residence times are required inside the ReFresher.

Output stage 2: Odour-optimised premium pellets

For even higher quality applications including e.g. automotive, living space and design sectors.


INTAREMA® image folder

INTAREMA® image folder



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Use the compact ReFresher for onsite trials at your production facility – this makes sure the investment is customised exactly in line with the specific odour requirements of your end application We are at your disposal for detailed information on odour-optimised recycling, our innovative technologies and to arrange trials. Write to us!