Because our machines give you the reliability that comes from the number 1.

Our machines are different in one crucial respect: they are designed and constructed from the customer’s perspective. From the overall process to the smallest detail: Our approach is driven solely by results.

Specifically, this means that for EREMA everything relating to plastics recycling is geared to absolute efficiency and consistent quality of the recycled pellets. And this is a promise we live up to: The machines we produce run and run. And have done since 1983. Now in over 100 countries around the world. Spurred on by our urge to develop technologies that just get better and better and more and more powerful, but which also protect the environment.

To ensure that recycling is always profitable and to give our customers exactly what it is they are actually buying from us: the absolute certainty of achieving pellets with precisely the quality and properties they need for sustainable success and stable profits.

Construction based on listening. The prerequisite for unique systems.

We are unique in terms of both efficiency and quality. This is down to the boundless thirst for knowledge of our team and their unwavering pioneering spirit. We want each and every new machine to be the best it can possibly be. And as universally solution-oriented plant engineering specialists we are also attentive listeners. We establish exactly what the customer wants, which means we never stop learning. We anticipate trends, combine specific requirements with the expertise we have gained in 40 years of R&D and use it to develop customised, future-safe and reliable systems.

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You can’t think of everything? Oh yes, you can.

We base our work on the customer’s point of view. That means a focus on efficiency which includes not only maximum throughput, but also supremely easy operation, low energy consumption and maximum plant uptime. We only use high-quality, robust materials and all our system components are designed to complement each other perfectly and so guarantee absolute operational reliability. Fully in keeping with utmost productivity, cost effectiveness and a positive environmental impact.

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Automatic success right from the start.

Despite their complexity and the great flexibility that is the hallmark of the range, EREMA systems offer one thing above all else: effortless results with a high level of automation. The Smart Start®technology that we developed reduces operation of the machines to a minimum. Previously saved recipes can be selected at the touch of a button. And that’s the only “skill” the operator needs!

Groundbreaking innovations.

In our development work we sometimes choose to abandon strict principles. This often leads to groundbreaking innovations such as the Counter Current® technology, the technological heart of our INTAREMA® system. By reversing the direction of rotation in the preconditioning unit the maximum amount of recycled pellets per hour is achieved. This remains a plastics recycling revolution to this day and shows just how capable we are of fundamentally re-imagining machinery and processes.

A pioneer of ultra-clean, food-safe rPET.

Our VACUREMA® systems achieve quality values for rPET that exceed those of virgin PET material. And with VACUNITE® we offer systems that combine vacuum and nitrogen technology for even more effective decontamination and recycled pellets that are guaranteed food contact compliant. Perfect colour values included.

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Great opportunities.

In bottle-to-bottle recycling, the increasing international demand for recycled plastics is our most important innovation driver. Today, we plan and produce systems that are far bigger and more powerful than those of a few years ago. Think big – and make it big. Our decades of experience allow us to do just that. Something we prove again and again at EREMA. Our large-scale systems can produce up to 40,000 tonnes of rPET pellets per year.

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Machine data in real time:
digital platform BluPort®.

iMac with Bluport Icons

For improved quality assurance that can be monitored in real time and 24/7 and be controlled online during production, we have our BluPort® digital platform. The platform contains several apps, especially the key performance indicator app with its state-of-the-art dashboard display for monitoring the machine’s live data. All key indicators are permanently in view, as is throughput. The platform also includes apps for long-term archiving of dashboard displays, rapid ordering of original spare parts, a polymer assistant for identifying and correctly processing plastics, and videos with step-by-step demonstrations of maintenance tasks. There is also an app especially for selling used machinery and parts. So it’s not just raw materials that stay in the loop, but premium-quality recycling machines too.

Worldwide, over 7,500 EREMA systems are currently in use, and the number continues to rise quickly. The many recycling firms and manufacturers that choose our machines over all others and so make EREMA the number 1 have good reason for doing so.

Ignore and miss out. Instead, let us talk about what else we can do to convince you too of the advantages of our efficient, future-safe technologies.

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