Lower temperature, less energy.

For the finest double filtration quality in a compact design.

The innovative INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact achieves the finest, double filtration recycled pellet quality in an extremely energy-saving way, and as a result sets the benchmark for production efficiency in post-consumer recycling.

Proven system, enhanced with even more efficiency
Highly flexible and at the same time extremely process-stable, the double filtration machine handles the melt particularly gently, and does so throughout the entire machine. This is the result of combining TVEplus® technology, patented and proven thousands of times over, with the new, patent-pending DuaFil® Compact design. Here, the melt pump takes over the necessary pressure build-up for the second filtration unit, so the extruder no longer needs to do this task and can be made signifi cantly shorter. In turn, this significantly reduces the residence time, the melt temperature and the energy consumption. And brings real advantages to the quality of melt and the recycled pellets

This makes the machine the first choice for many challenging materials. Especially when the application requires polymer-conserving processing as well as strong filtration performance in order to produce an end product with the best recycling quality

Zukunft Textil- recycling im Blick

EREMA treibt das Thema PET Faser-zu-Faser Recycling mit innovativen Lösungen führend voran – ein wichtiger Beitrag für die Kreislaufwirtschaft von heute. Und: Ein bedeutender Meilenstein für das Textilrecycling von morgen.

Possible materials

It's amazing what you can recycle with DuaFil® Compact. Here are some examples.

Your benefits

Economical and technically better.

Lower melt temperature, less energy

Minus 10%

total unit energy consumption

The INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact achieves a melt temperature that is 18.5 °C lower upstream of the second filter unit as well as a 10 % lower total energy consumption (specific energy consumption kWh/kg) compared to the previous EREMA double filtration solution (application: LDPE supermarket film containing paper).

Top quality recycled pellets thanks to particularly gentle melt treatment

Ideal for post-consumer applications that require polymer-conserving processing as well as strong filtration performance - for end products with the best quality.

Less odour, less discolouration due to cellulose impurities such as paper or wood particles thanks to significantly reduced melt temperature.

Heavy Duty: Für besonders anspruchsvolle Materialien geeignet

  • Effiziente Reinigung der Fasern von Spinnfinish und Zuschlagstoffen (Spinnöle, Texturieröle sowie sonstige Verarbeitungsstoffe)
  • Bis zu 2 % Spinnfinish bzw. Zuschlagstoffe möglich

Hohe Energie-Effizienz

Minus 10 L/D:
Much shorter and
more compact design

Including all the advantages of highly efficient TVEplus® technology from EREMA - Proven thousands of times

The patented extruder system enables trouble-free processing of materials that are otherwise difficult to process. Gentle melt handling, highly efficient filtration, melt homogenisation and high-performance degassing are performed in a single step. The innovative basic principle of TVEplus® technology: the first melt filtration takes place upstream of extruder degassing. As a result, end products can be produced with the best quality and the highest possible recyclate content.

High level of automation: Counter Current and Smart Start ensure high production efficiency and stable processes.

Thanks to the continuous mode of operation and robust design, particularly high machine availability can be achieved when the EREMA Laserfilter is implemented end-to-end for the first and second filter units.

Hohe Feuchtigkeitsgrade
(bis zu 10 %)

Hohe Farbtreue

How it works

INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact

1 2 3 X X

Preconditioning Unit:
Ideale Materialvorbereitung

Schneiden, homogenisieren, erwärmen, trocknen (Eingangs- material mit bis zu 10 % Feuchtigkeit), verdichten, puffern und dosieren – in einem Arbeitsschritt. Die patentierte, dynamisch kontrollierte Preconditioning Unit bereitet das Material bestmöglich für den direkt tangential angeschlossenen Extruder auf.


in Österreich
Testen Sie uns – mit Ihrem Material

In unserem hochmodernen Fibre Recycling Centre in Österreich können Sie unsere unterschiedlichen PET-Faser-Recycling- Maschinen und Technologien für Probeläufe mit eigenen Testmaterialien nutzen. Die Tests finden unter realistischen Produktionsbedingungen statt und liefern daher jene Ergebnisse, mit denen anschließend Ihre Maschinenaus- legung individuell optimiert wird – exakt und punktgenau abgestimmt auf Ihren konkreten Anwendungsfall.

  • Basis-Testläufe: 1 Tonne PET Faser-Material
  • Full-Loop-Testläufe: ab 3 Tonnen PET Faser-Material
  • Ausstoßleistung: 350 kg/h




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