Top quality solutions for bottle-to-bottle recycling and rPET inline applications.

Food-safe, visually flawless rPET pellets require a supremely clean recycling performance. The EREMA bottle-to-bottle systems provide exactly that. To turn input material of greatly varying quality into recycled pellets and preforms of the highest standard and to guarantee uncompromising food contact compliance, the unique SafeFlake technology comes into its own on our systems. This technology unites decontamination, drying and IV treatment on the flake. A big plus with regard to quality, and achieved with far shorter processing times and low energy costs.

Our analyses indicate that for all potential contaminants we achieve values that are significantly below our target values or are not detectable at all.

Alexander Rimmer

Managing Director of the RCS Group

Your practical benefits

Economical and technically better

Ultra-clean rPET pellets – up to 100% rPET in the new bottle

Low total cost of ownership (TCO) – a complete, efficient, energy-saving system that unites all the necessary bottle-to-bottle process steps in one compact process.

Vacunite Endprodukt

Flexible input, consistent output:

Even when moisture, IV values, bulk densities and flake wall thickness vary ...
the resulting IV values and colours remain stable.

For direct food contact

Maximum resource efficiency: technology saves energy, water and space

Reduced CO2emissions

Easy to operate – high degree of automation

Counter Current




Counter Current®

The heart of the preconditioning unit we developed ourselves. For maximum process stability through improved material intake, great flexibility and higher throughput.

Smart Start




Smart Start®

Our machines are based on the Smart Start concept. They are incredibly easy to operate and have fewer buttons, but are more user-friendly. The saved processing parameters mean that the right recipe for every application can be loaded quickly at the touch of a button.






Lower specific energy requirements, lower CO2 emissions and energy consumption always in view on the energy display on the operating panel: ecoSAVE® does a lot to protect the environment while cutting production costs at the same time.

Find the best machine for your application.






Bottle-to-Bottle: VACUNITE® / VACUREMA®

Bottle-to-Bottle: VACUNITE® / VACUREMA®

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