A chip bag fit for circular economy

EREMA Group was part of a pioneering R-Cycle pilot project. Together with BRÜCKNER MASCHINENBAU, HENKEL, HUBERGROUP PRINT SOLUTIONS, KAMPF, MAAG, PLASTCHIM-T and WIPAK we joined forces to demonstrate how this common packaging type must be designed, marked and identified in post-consumer waste streams for high-quality recycling.

The bag is made of polypropylene mono-material film in combination with innovative printing inks and laminating adhesives specially developed for the circular economy. R-Cycle ensures the seamless transfer of recycling-relevant data from raw material to final packaging and makes it available for the recycling process via digital watermarks.

To demonstrate the technical recyclability, the described crisp bags were mechanically processed into high-quality granulates on the proven INTAREMA® TVEplus® extrusion system without any problems. Even though the crisp bags used in the pilot project had no customer or food contact the mono-material packaging is expected to handle a “post-consumer waste” scenario as well.
Learn more about this joint step towards circular economy: https://r-cycle.org/en/chips-packaging/


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