BELGOTEX - - - - South Africa
All under one roof with INTAREMA®
BELGOTEX, South Africa

Belgotex Floorcoverings (Pty) Ltd of Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal, was the first company in South Africa to install an INTAREMA® system early in 2014 and is already reporting on the remarkable merits of EREMA technology and the outstanding increase in performance of the new generation of systems.

Operating from a 100,000 m² facility, Belgotex is the largest manufacturer of carpets in southern Africa, producing residential carpets, industrial floor coverings, vinyl flooring and artificial grass. In line with its dedicated and proactive approach to environmental policy, the family-owned company has always reprocessed any production waste. However, with the recycling system of a different supplier used previously it was only possible to use the recycled pellets to make underfelt – but no masterbatches, which had to be bought in as a result. Until the switch to EREMA technology, that is.

100% reuse of PP fibre
Using the new INTAREMA 1007 TE system Belgotex can now process excess polypropylene fibre left over from the production of needlepunch carpeting into high-quality and defined recycled pellets which are returned to the fibre production process – with a single system and all under one roof. This has allowed the company to reduce PP scrap rates from its carpet production process to close to zero. Kevin Walsh, COO of Belgotex, is highly impressed: "The INTAREMA® system is a boon for Belgotex and enables us to further our 'green journey'."

Huge increase in output
Thanks to the proven EREMA technology and the innovations of the new INTAREMA® plant generation, Belgotex has also been able to boost its outputs. Shortly after the commissioning of the new system by locally stationed EREMA technicians, output already climbed to 300 kg per hour. Kevin Walsh sums up how satisfied the company is as follows: "The new system from EREMA has taken our process into a whole new dimension."

Application: Inhouse & industrial recycling
Materials: PP non-woven
Product category: INTAREMA
Modell Details: INTAREMA®
The INTAREMA® system is a boon for Belgotex and enables us to further our 'green journey'. The new system from EREMA has taken our process into a whole new dimension.

Kevin Walsh

COO of Belgotex

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