Weltplast - - - - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Weltplast uses the INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact
Large packaging and pipe manufacturer in the southern Balkans uses their own recycled granulate made with EREMA’s latest recycling system

Weltplast produces packaging and pipes from recycled and biodegradable materials. They are a state-of-the-art manufacturer that engages fully in the circular economy. Weltplast is the first family-owned company in Bosnia and Herzegovina to start ESG reporting. They are setting a benchmark for responsible growth in the region.

The company is firmly positioned in the sustainability sector. They are continuously expanding their post-consumer LDPE film recycling. Weltplast has reduced their environmental impact with the acquisition of EREMA’s INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact recycling system.

This strategic investment revolutionises Weltplast‘s post-consumer LDPE processing. It facilitates the expansion of their high-quality product output and contributes to the reduction of plastic waste in the region. With the new system, they are on their way to achieve climate neutrality and increase the production of PCR granulate.

"We are thrilled to announce this investment in our production capabilities," stated Mladen Širić, Production director of Weltplast. "As a pioneering force in the circular economy, we use advanced technology to move towards a more sustainable future. The acquisition of the INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact aligns with our ongoing efforts to reduce plastic waste and foster environmentally conscious practices. “

What are the key features of the EREMA INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact recycling system?

EREMA’s new double filtration machine INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact produces the highest possible quality of recycled pellets. A key feature of the machine is the consistently gentle treatment of the melt throughout the entire process. This is a result of the combination of the technology of the TVEplus® and the new DuaFil®.

  • The INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact efficiently builds up pressure and can thus be constructed much shorter.
  • The required melt temperature is lower than in other systems, which has a positive effect on the quality of the granules. It also prevents the combustion of contaminants like paper and any resulting odours.
  • Thanks to the DuaFil® Compact design, degassing is particularly effective. An ingenious arrangement increases the degassing performance and counteracts subsequent outgassing of melt components. This enables finer final filtration – a clear advantage for the quality of the melt and recycled pellets.
  • The machine enables a 10% increase in production and at the same time 10% energy savings.

Polymer-conserving processing and strong filtration performance are important for Weltplast. The INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact fulfils their requirements. As a result, they have the opportunity to increasingly replace new material with recycled material.

What are Weltplast’s plans that are more achievable with EREMA’s INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact?
The INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact machine with its advanced technological capabilities positions Weltplast to optimise its plastic waste utilisation. This innovative solution efficiently handles a diverse range of input materials, including waste collected from the region. The final products made of regranulate produced with the INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact show Weltplast's dedication to quality and sustainability.

Weltplast's commitment extends beyond production efficiencies. A significant portion of the enhanced LDPE output is destined for the carrier bags, household bags, and packaging and industrial film. This underscores Weltplast's pivotal role in driving sustainable practices across industries, with their final product reaching 18 markets across Europe.

This strategic investment furthers Weltplast's ambitious plan to raise capacities for an additional 13.000 tonnes. The company can achieve their goals and maintain the high quality and environmental standards by using the INTAREMA® 1716 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact.

Weltplast’s commitment to a circular economy
Weltplast is dedicated to reduce plastic waste, producing high-quality 100% recycled products, and fostering environmentally conscious practices across industries. With a commitment to innovation and responsible growth, Weltplast is leading the way in sustainable business practices and sets new standards for future generations.


As a pioneering force in the circular economy, we use advanced technology to move towards a more sustainable future.


Mladen Širić

Production director of Weltplast

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