Precision enhances

Upgrade your plant exactly as you need it. With highly specialised components developed and tailored precisely to your requirements. We know every application scenario down to the last detail. So we also know how the individual parts need to work together to effectively increase quality and processing speed. That’s why EREMA supplies a wide range of solutions for high-performance filtration and pelletising as well as optimal quality assurance during the process.

EREMA Komponenten

Clean melt,
clear profits.

The quality of the recycled pellets depends on the filtration. That is why from the very beginning we have made it a core element of our systems. With the objective of providing a precisely customised highly productive filtration system for every kind of application.

shared qualities.

As different as our filtration systems are in their design, they still share two plus points: their process consistency and maximum filtration capacity. This is true of our SW RTF® partial surface backflush filter system as well as for the extremely high-performance Laserfilter.

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Simply better.

Maximum operational reliability and flexibility with handling that couldn’t be easier – that also applies to our hot die face pelletiser systems. They can be used on practically all current extruders. The fast pelletiser knife changeover saves time and costs.


For technical thermoplastics such as PET we have our EREMA semi-submerged strand pelletising systems. These too are extremely easy to operate and highly reliable. The cylindrical pellets they produce are on a par with virgin material.

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QualityOn – the new
benchmark for measuring.

Nonstop, connected, and running while processing is in progress: QualityOn sets new standards in monitoring the quality of the recycling process. Measuring takes place online. You are automatically alerted to any deviations from defined target values, and flawed material can immediately be removed from the process while it is still running. 

All-round monitoring
at all times.

QualityOn ensures that the recycled pellets attain consistent properties, whether these are MVR, IV or colour values, and no matter what the input material’s polymers and fillers are composed of. All in a stable process environment.

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