PredictOn: Stay productive!

Take action today to prevent damage tomorrow - for more machine availability and higher productivity!

PredictOn supports you effectively in this process. That is because the new predictive maintenance tool from EREMA provides machine data relating to the condition of the plant that enable predictions regarding the maintenance work that is needed. Behind this is an ingenious modular measurement and sensor system for real-time data acquisition and storage that is used for evaluating the condition of your machine as well as for advanced analysis of damage location and damage spread while proposing possible countermeasures.

Plan maintenance more efficiently, save costs

Deploying service personnel and obtaining spare parts can be better planned using predictive maintenance and leads to higher plant availability and lower costs compared to routine or scheduled preventive maintenance. That is because intervention is only needed when a problem has been detected.


Your motor for more efficiency

Whether it's the motor temperature, gear teeth, or pump bearings, PredictOn:Drive provides you with a comprehensive solution for the monitoring and predictive maintenance of all main drive trains of the preconditioning unit and extruder, and for the condition of the vacuum pumps on PET recycling machines.


The perfect data overview with BluPort®

Whether it's a question of monitoring the motor, gearbox or vacuum pumps - the maintenance app on the EREMA customer platform BluPort® gives you a perfect overview of the customised PredictOn:Drive data relating to your machine.

BluPort® - apps for your support
You can access the BluPort® platform from your PC and mobile devices. It offers a comprehensive suite of service and data visualisation apps that give you quality control support as a plant manager, and help you increase machine performance.

Your benefits

Economical and technically better.

Early detection of anomalies and damage to critical components

Better planning of maintenance jobs and maintenance personnel deployment

Higher machine availability and reliability - with less downtime and costs as a result

Time advantage for timely spare parts ordering - for more continuity in production

Modern visualisation of the machine status using EREMA's BluPort® digital customer platform

Currently available for INTAREMA®, VACUREMA® and VACUNITE® large-scale plants with extruder diameters above 160 millimetres

Retrofit to existing plants possible




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