Lower temperature, less energy.

For the finest double filtration quality in a compact design.

The innovative INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact achieves the finest, double filtration recycled pellet quality in an extremely energy-saving way, and as a result sets the benchmark for production efficiency in post-consumer recycling.

Proven system, enhanced with even more efficiency
Highly flexible and at the same time extremely process-stable, the double filtration machine handles the melt particularly gently, and does so throughout the entire machine. This is the result of combining TVEplus® technology, patented and proven thousands of times over, with the new, patent-pending DuaFil® Compact design. Here, the melt pump takes over the necessary pressure build-up for the second filtration unit, so the extruder no longer needs to do this task and can be made signifi cantly shorter. In turn, this significantly reduces the residence time, the melt temperature and the energy consumption. And brings real advantages to the quality of melt and the recycled pellets

This makes the machine the first choice for many challenging materials. Especially when the application requires polymer-conserving processing as well as strong filtration performance in order to produce an end product with the best recycling quality

Possible materials

It's amazing what you can recycle with DuaFil® Compact. Here are some examples.

Your benefits

Economical and technically better.

Improved melt and pellet
quality for a top end product

Gentle melt treatment, low shear stress

Stronger degassing performance, 12 to 33 % higher degassing volume

Counteracts the subsequent outgassing of already degassed melt

Against odours and discolouration, e.g. in the case of paper and wood contaminants

Higher degree of automation: process-specific melt pump control enables extruder speed to be precisely matched to the polymer

Particularly fine, final filtration

Lower melt temperature

up to -22°C

Compared to the previous EREMA double filtration solution, the new INTAREMA® 1108 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact achieves an approx. 22 °C lower melt temperature upstream of the second filter unit for DSD 323-2 (flexible PE und PP household waste), as well as an approx. 11 % lower total energy consumption (specific energy consumption kWh/kg) with an approx. 14 %higher throughput.

Minus 10 L/D:
Much shorter and
more compact design

Less energy consumption

up to -11%

Compared to the previous EREMA double filtration solution, the new INTAREMA® 1108 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact achieves an approx. 22 °C lower melt temperature upstream of the second filter unit for DSD 323-2 (flexible PE und PP household waste), as well as an approx. 11 % lower total energy consumption (specific energy consumption kWh/kg) with an approx. 14 %higher throughput.

Higher throughput

up to +14%

Compared to the previous EREMA double filtration solution, the new INTAREMA® 1108 TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact achieves an approx. 22 °C lower melt temperature upstream of the second filter unit for DSD 323-2 (flexible PE und PP household waste), as well as an approx. 11 % lower total energy consumption (specific energy consumption kWh/kg) with an approx. 14 %higher throughput.

How it works

INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1. Ideal material preparation in the PreConditioning Unit

Cutting, homogenising, heating, drying, compacting, buffering and dosing – in a single stage. The dynamically controlled PreConditioning Unit (PCU) is multitalented. It prepares the plastic ideally for the extruder and sets the course for consistently high end product quality already at the beginning of the recycling process.

Counter Current technology
The heart of the preconditioning unit is our patented Counter Current technology. Thanks to the changed direction of rotation, the extruder handles more material in a shorter time. Thanks to the optimised intake system a wide range of materials can be processed at amazingly low temperatures, with great process stability, high throughput and absolute flexibility.

2. Gentle melting with low shear stress

Thanks to the preconditioning unit the extruder is fed warm material instead of cold. The advantage over conventional systems: a relatively short extruder screw is enough to melt the already dry and thoroughly warmed material. The shear stress is extremely low as a result while the melt quality is high.

3. Fine Filtration

High-performance filtration: Part 1
Efficient filtering is one of the central strengths of the new DuaFil® Compact. Thanks to the gentle preparation in advance, the EREMA high-performance Laserfilter has an easy time. That is because dirt particles and impurities such as paper (e.g. from labels), fragments of wood (e.g. from pallets) and foreign polymers are hardly reduced in size beforehand and are therefore large enough for them to be easily removed from the melt. Thanks to the ingenious design of the Laserfilter scraper geometry, contaminants are lifted particularly quickly and continuously – and thus filtered even more effectively.

The early removal of unwanted materials means they can later no longer outgas and no unpleasant smells develop – a decisive quality bonus for the melt.

4. Perfect homogenisation of the melt

The final homogenisation of the melt in the Plus Zone of the extruder, i.e. downstream of the first filtration unit and upstream of degassing, enhances the subsequent degassing performance and improves the characteristics of the melt.

5. Even stronger degassing performance

Temperature advantage
The new DuaFil® Compact features impressive, high-performance degassing. This takes place very effectively in three stages: initial degassing already occurs in the preconditioning unit. Step two is reverse extruder degassing – made possible through optimised screw design. The final double venting degassing at the extruder is particularly effective and removes gas inclusions which are still present from the melt.


Stronger degassing performance 12 to 33 % higher degassing volume
Thanks to the design of DuaFil® Compact, the degassing system is particularly effective. Overall, the new machine has - depending on the speed - 12 to 33 % higher degassing volume. Due to the decoupling of pressure and temperature build-up, the highest temperature in the overall system of the DuaFil® Compact machine - in contrast to other double filtration solutions - does not occur at the tip of the extruder screw (before the second filtration unit), but already in the “Plus Zone” of the extruder, i.e. upstream of degassing. This ingenious arrangement counteracts the subsequent outgassing of melt components – a clear advantage for the quality of the melt and recycled pellets.

6. Melt pump for temperature reduced pressure build up

Because there is no discharge metering zone and the melt pump is custom designed to the application, the pressure build-up required for the second filtration unit is highly efficient and needs a much lower temperature*. The extruder therefore does not need to build up pressure and can be much shorter (minus 10 L/D compared to the previous EREMA double filtration solution). Another advantage of the melt pump handling pressure build-up is that the extruder speed can be optimally matched to the polymer - without compromising on throughput.

The lower melt temperature of the DuaFil® Compact in this area significantly reduces energy consumption. That has a positive effect on the quality of the melt. This is reflected in the lower tendency to develop unpleasant odours or discolouration, which is much higher in systems that operate at higher temperatures. This is a real quality bonus, especially in applications involving cellulose-based materials such as paper or wood - like in supermarket film recycling, for example.

Only pre-filtered and degassed melt in melt pump
Another bonus of the plant design is the particularly advantageous location of the melt pump in the TVEplus® process sequence: filtration > degassing > melt pump. This means that only cleaned and degassed melt flows through the melt pump – an advantage for the service life of this component.

7. Final fine filtration

High-performance filtration: Part 2
In the second filtration unit, the already degassed plastic melt is filtered again at the ideal pressure, which is built up by the energy-saving melt pump. This additional filtration step significantly raises the quality level of the recycled pellets.

Thanks to the DuaFil® Compact design, the filtration fineness of the second filter can now be particularly fine - even finer than the first filter, depending on the application. This supports further processing into end products of particularly high quality.

Counter Current




Counter Current®

The heart of the preconditioning unit we developed ourselves. For maximum process stability through improved material intake, great flexibility and higher throughput.

Smart Start




Smart Start®

Our machines are based on the Smart Start concept. They are incredibly easy to operate and have fewer buttons, but are more user-friendly. The saved processing parameters mean that the right recipe for every application can be loaded quickly at the touch of a button.






Lower specific energy requirements, lower CO2 emissions and energy consumption always in view on the energy display on the operating panel: ecoSAVE® does a lot to protect the environment while cutting production costs at the same time.


Advantages due to gentle material handling

Challenging materials:

  • High moisture
  • Varying moisture
  • High level of contaminants (e.g. paper, wood, foreign polymers)

Removal of moisture before extrusion

In the Preconditioning Unit, the large film sections are cut, heated and dried. This removes moisture from the film and continuously fills the extruder with heated, pre-compacted material.

Processing temperature, pressure and shear forces stay low

Thanks to gentle melting process, the selected machine set-up and the short, compact design of the entire extruder, pressure, shear forces and melt temperature remain particularly low.

Against odour and discolouration: Every degree less counts

Most significant is the reduced tendency to develop unpleasant odours or discolouration. Because supermarket film typically contains cellulose solids, such as paper or wood, the temperature-reduced operation of the DuaFil® Compact is a real advantage compared to higher temperature systems - especially by effectively preventing combustion odours from burnt paper

High efficiency filtration removes paper and wood

The gentle melting process makes filtration particularly effective. Thanks to low shear stress, contaminant materials such as paper, wood or foreign polymers (e.g. from strapping bands) are not completely cut upstream of the continuous EREMA laser filter and can therefore easily be filtered out of the melt.


INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact

INTAREMA® TVEplus® DuaFil® Compact

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