Two different series based on the same compact INTAREMA® recycling system featuring a short single-screw extruder. Including the INTAREMA® top technologies Counter Current®, Smart Start® and ecoSAVE®. Machines of this type are used for multiple applications in the plastics industry for converting production scrap and industrial waste into pellets. For high refeeding quotas, top-quality recycled pellets and high productivity.

INTAREMA® T without extruder degassing

Ideal for non-printed edge trim, cutting waste, rolls loose leftover film and regrind material.

INTAREMA® TE with degassing

For flexible processing slightly printed film fractions and technical plastics.

Your benefits

Economical and technically better.

Enhanced material intake, greater flexibility, higher throughput thanks to Counter Current®

Extremely easy operation and maximum user-friendliness with Smart Start®

pelletising technology
HG D hot die face
pelletising system
with direct drive

HG D – Heißabschlag- Granuliersystem mit Direct Drive

Perfect material preparation for the extruder thanks to the preconditioning unit

Reliable, high output thanks to Counter Current® technology and extremely robust design

High-quality end product achieves very high recyclate content when material is returned to the production cycle

High-quality end product

Liquid-cooled extruder for efficient and exact temperature control for the extruder zones and high-quality processing of the melt

Up to


lower energy consumption, lower production costs and CO2 emissions thanks to ecoSAVE®

HG D – Heißabschlag- Granuliersystem mit Direct Drive

Very low operating costs through extremely low specific energy and maintenance costs

Large area ultrafine melt filtration as standard

Compact, space-saving design

How it works


1 2 3 4 5 6

 Feeding (1) is automatic and according to customer requirements. In the preconditioning unit (2) the material is cut, mixed, heated, dried, compacted and buffered. Next, the tangentially connected extruder is filled continuously with hot, pre-compacted material. The innovative Counter Current® technology enables optimised intake action across an extended temperature range.

In the extruder screw (3) the material is plasticised, homogenised and, if necessary, degassed in the degassing zone (4) . The melt is then cleaned in the fully automatic, self-cleaning filter (5) . Following this, the melt is conveyed to the respective tool (6) (e.g. pelletiser) under extremely low pressure.  


DD – Double Disc

Processing of materials with up to 12% residual moisture with consistently high output

Air Flush Module

Increases drying performance and output while ensuring lower energy consumption and extending plant service life

Optimised large EREMA preconditioning unit

Output up to 30% higher than on conventional extruders thanks to extremely uniform feeding of the tangentially connected extruder


INTAREMA® image folder

INTAREMA® image folder

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