The combination of our VACUREMA®extrusion system with a perfectly adapted downstream production line makes it possible: Post-consumer PET bottle flakes are turned directly into extremely durable, high-strength PET strapping. Without any further pretreatment. Directly, in a single step. With precisely the properties the product is supposed to have.

In combination with trusted cooperation partners.

For maximum efficiency and smooth processes, we combine our VACUREMA®technology with the downstream production lines of the leading manufacturers Reimotec (Reifenhäuser Group) or SIMA (Dietze+ Schell Group).

Your practical benefits

Economical and technically better

Top quality: extremely durable, high-strength strapping

Constant and high IV value even with poorer quality input materials

Directly from PCR-PET flakes to 100% rPET strapping

High profitability

Extremely energy-saving: only 0.65 kWh/kg specific energy consumption

Large range of PET input mixtures possible

Overall system competence at high-tech level

The overall process in detail

The upstream process is based on the energy-saving VACUREMA® technology consisting of a vacuum reactor and directly linked single screw extruder. Both residual moisture and other harmful chemical contaminants which promote IV loss are already removed before extrusion. This decisive quality bonus in combination with the fine melt filtration leads to very strong strapping with very low cross sections.

The upstream process is based on the high-tech strapping solutions of our cooperation partners SIMA and Reimotec. The strapping system receives the melt directly from the VACUREMA® system. The material is routed to the extrusion head via double spin pumps, then to the channels of the extrusion die and scaled to size as required. Next the material passes through several stages of thermal treatment, stretching, embossing, stabilising, cooling and winding.

VACUREMA® Basic extrusion process

  1. Conveyor screw (feeding)
  2. Vacuum lock
  3. Vacuum reactor
  4. Single-screw extruder
  5. Large area ultrafine filtration with fully automatic, self-cleaning EREMA melt filter system

Strapping process

  1. Melt pump
  2.  Cooling bath
  3. Slow godet
  4. First fast godet
  5. Second fast godet
  6. Embosser
  7. Stabilisation oven
  8. Stabilisation godet
  9. Water cooling bath
  10. Second stabilisation godet
  11. Winder

Possible materials

It's amazing what you can recycle with our inline strapping systems.

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