Straight to top-quality sheets for direct food contact: that’s the effect of the VACUREMA ®inline sheet solutions in a nutshell. The rPET sheets produced in a single step score top marks for all their properties and also meet the quality standards of the subsequent thermoforming process.

Our productive cooperation partner:

VACUREMA® inline sheet systems combine the proven VACUREMA®technology with the systems produced by leading downstream flat film lines: Amut, Battenfeld-Cincinnati, Diamat Maschinenbau, Kuhne, SML, Welex.

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100% food-safe rPET sheet

Your practical benefits

Economical and technically better

Directly from PCR-PET flakes to 100% rPET sheet

Constant and high IV value even with poorer quality input materials

Excellent homogenisation combined with short extruder (very material-friendly)

High profitability

Large range of PET input mixtures possible

Extremely energy-saving: only 0.25 kWh/kg specific energy consumption. No additional material predrying necessary

Top quality: sheet with best mechanical properties for thermoforming

Inhouse benefit: 100% of edge trim and skeleton waste can be processed

Robust single-screw extruder: long service life and reduced maintenance costs

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