Redefining production waste as a secondary raw material.

With refeeding rates of up to 100%.
End products directly from PET flakes in a single process step without the detour of pellet production.

Whether you want food-safe thermoforming sheet and bottle preforms, strapping or monofilaments – with the VACUREMA®inline solutions you obtain the finished product in a single process step. There is no need for pellet production: in a direct process that saves time and energy, production waste of all kinds, PET flakes and virgin material are turned into products that have the desired properties and are approved for direct food contact.

In addition, the range of possible PET input mixtures is very large. Depending on the requirements, the highly efficient VACUREMA®system is combined with the seamlessly integrated production line.

If the quality of the washed flakes is right, the inline preforms don't need to shy away from being compared to injection-moulded virgin products

Christoph Wöss

EREMA Group Business Development Manager, Application Bottle

What is your application?

Your practical benefits

Economical and technically better

High profitability and production efficiency

Flexible input, consistent output


Ultra-clean top-quality products,
approved far direct food contact

Broad range of PET input materials possible: bottle flakes, ground amorphous skeleton waste, edge trim, strapping production waste, virgin material, bulk densities from 250 to 850 kg/m3.3

End products with consistent IV value and colour despite varying moisture, IV values and bulk densities in the input

Maximum resource efficiency with regard to energy, logistics, water and space

Easy to operate – high degree of automation

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VACUREMA® Inline Applications

VACUREMA® Inline Applications

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