Attaining the ultimate in rPET purity and reliable results with combined efforts.

For the non plus ultra in food-contact-compliant recycled pellets it’s the “plus” that’s the key. The combination of the proven and highly efficient VACUREMA®decontaminating technology – developed specifically for this purpose – with the V-LeaN Solid State Polycondensation (SSP) technology.
The latter is a patented technology from the manufacturer Polymetrix. Nitrogen as the great plus! All thermal process steps of VACUNITE® take place in a nitrogen and/or vacuum atmosphere. Consequently, already high-quality results are improved still further and their purity is assured. They therefore far exceed all legal requirements and the even stricter specifications of leading brand owners.

Result-aware from the start thanks to SafeFlake.

VACUNITE® is based on SafeFlake technology. As with VACUREMA® , extremely effective decontamination of the flakes in the vacuum reactor is the very first stage of the recycling process. This speeds up the process enormously.

Faster process.

Compared to pellets, flakes of the same volume have a larger surface area. For this reason, they dry much faster – and are already clean and dry when they reach the extruder. This creates an excellent basis for high-quality results.

Safer than SafeFlake: Flushing with high-purity nitrogen reduces
residual oxygen.

A standout feature of VACUNITE® is the integrated nitrogen flushing during decontamination in the vacuum reactor. For this, nitrogen (N2) is used.

With advantages that are plain to see.

Unwanted yellowing is all but absent from the subsequent recycled pellets. Flushing significantly reduces the residual oxygen responsible for yellowing still further.

Guaranteed food contact compliant

Even higher purity and maximum safety with the patented V-LeaN SSP technology. This additional factor produces rPET pellets with a unique level of food contact compliance.

Save where savings make most sense:

Energy accounts for a third of the costs of bottle-to-bottle recycling. With VACUNITE® , energy consumption drops by 36%.

In combination, two innovative technologies become one uniquely effective system.
What makes VACUREMA® so remarkable is taken even further by VACUNITE® . Ultimate cleanliness, uniform IV values and perfect colour properties.

Because it’s about your brand.

Clean melt, clean recycled pellets and preforms. Our bottle-to-bottle systems stand for uncompromising food contact compliance, highly efficient decontamination, high-performance filtration and safe handling. In short: top-quality end products.

It's so easy.

Stable processes and consistently high quality of pellets and preforms: production and company managers appreciate what our systems give them. Straightforward operation and a high level of automation are undeniable assets. The fact that the end products remain stable even if the input material changes is a clear flexibility bonus. Around 392 VACUREMA® and VACUNITE® systems are in use worldwide.

A reliable investment.

The best decision is a safe decision. EREMA bottle-to-bottle systems offer impressively low total cost of ownership, low energy consumption and high uptime. Fully in keeping with high productivity, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Exactly the right solution for every application.

Our technologies are designed specifically for each type of application.

Choose the best VACUNITE® for you.



The system for PET

The best machine for each material is quickly identified. One of our systems always masters the task.


Bottle-to-Bottle: VACUNITE® / VACUREMA®

Bottle-to-Bottle: VACUNITE® / VACUREMA®

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Do you have any questions about this technology and the advantages of VACUNITE®? Give us a call or write to us. Supremely clean and absolutely safe bottle-to-bottle recycling is our speciality.