EREMA Group and INTCO Recycling sign strategic partnership for recycling PET

INTCO is a Chinese recycling company active worldwide that has become one of the largest recyclers and end users of waste expanded polystyrene (EPS). Every year, INTCO recycles around 100,000 tonnes of EPS waste that it acquires around the globe and processes it into new high-quality consumer goods, such as picture frames, that are then sold in well-known furniture stores. Frank Liu, founder and chairman of INTCO Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Shandong INTCO Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. also applies this circular economy concept when recycling PET waste. Having been active in this segment for five years, INTCO is planning major investment in the expansion of PET recycling solutions over the next few years.

Recycling capacity is to increase to up to one million tons per year

"We also want to become the leading supplier in this segment and increase our PET recycling capacity from the current level of around 150,000 tonnes a year to one million tonnes in the coming years," explains Frank Liu: "To do this, we need an experienced and reliable technology partner, which we have with EREMA at our side."

INTCO has trusted in the technologies and service provided by the Austrian recycling machine manufacturer for more than ten years. Just a few months ago, a VACUNITE® bottle-to-bottle recycling system started production in Malaysia. "We are pleased that INTCO have decided to further intensify their work together with us, focusing on PET recycling," says Manfred Hackl, CEO EREMA Group GmbH. Regarding the benefits of this partnership, he comments, "INTCO is a partner who also have the end product in mind from the very beginning with their recycling solutions. Promoting a circular economy for plastics is our shared objective, which requires the highest possible quality of recycled pellets. That's exactly where the strength of our team comes in, as well as our patented technologies, which we are constantly developing together with our customers and partners."

Manfred Hackl (EREMA Group) and Frank Liu (INTCO) signed the strategic partnership at K2022. (Photo credit: EREMA)
Manfred Hackl (EREMA Group) and Frank Liu (INTCO) signed the strategic partnership at K2022. (Photo credit: EREMA)
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