Greater scope for PET recycling with VACUREMA recycling systems

Greater scope for PET recycling with EREMA recycling systems:
VACUREMA rPET approved by FDA for the packaging of frozen ready‐prepared foods

Additional possibilities for recycled PET (rPET) from EREMA's VACUREMA range of plastics recycling systems have been created by the current extension of FDA approval*) in this field. Previously, rPET made with these systems had been approved for the FDA application categories "C" to "G”, and category "H" has now also been added.

The category "H" approval allows the production of PET packaging for frozen or refrigerated ready‐ prepared foods intended to be reheated in the container at the time of use. Starting immediately, up to 100% rPET that has been produced on VACUREMA systems can now also be used for this purpose.

This extension to the scope of approval has been carried out by two independent institutes (Fraunhofer and Keller & Heckman) in various forms, including challenge tests, and also applies to systems that have already been supplied. This means that not only new but also existing customers will benefit from the extended scope of possibilities for rPET from VACUREMA recycling systems.

*) FDA…Food and Drug Administration – (

VACUREMA PET recycling systems from EREMA GmbH produce rPET which, according to new FDA approval, is also suitable for packaging in which frozen or refrigerated ready‐prepared foods can be reheated for consumption (FDA category "H").

FDA – Definitions of Food Types and Conditions of Use for Food Contact Substances 
Table 2‐‐Condition of use 

  1. High temperature heat‐sterilized (e.g., over 212 deg.F (100°C)).  
  2. Boiling water sterilized.  
  3. Hot filled or pasteurized above 150 deg.F (65°C).  
  4. Hot filled or pasteurized below 150 deg.F (65°C).  
  5. Room temperature filled and stored (no thermal treatment in the container).  
  6. Refrigerated storage (no thermal treatment in the container).  
  7. Frozen storage (no thermal treatment in the container).  
  8. Frozen or refrigerated storage: Ready‐prepared foods intended to be reheated in container at  time of use:  
    1. Aqueous or oil‐in‐water emulsion of high‐ or low‐fat.  
    2. Aqueous, high‐ or low‐free oil or fat.  
  9. Irradiation  
  10. Cooking at temperatures exceeding 250 deg.F (120°C). 

FDA Webseite:

Italic lettering: Categories covered by VACUREMA recycling systems.


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