Innovation ReFresher: High-efficiency anti-odour technology

Odour-optimised premium recycled pellets directly from contaminated post-consumer material? The efficient interplay of the innovative ReFresher technology with the proven INTAREMA® TVEplus® machine makes it possible. The unbeatable combination of top pellet quality and odour optimisation opens up completely new application opportunities for recycled plastics. In other words: innovative premium products in living space, automotive, design and lifestyle sectors.

Removing odours effectively
A typical problem of household waste: it develops intense odours. These are caused on the one hand not only by contaminants adhering to the surface but also by so-called migrated odour substances. The latter are caused by the packaging absorbing the odour of the food, cosmetics or cleaning agents inside it. The substances which migrate like this into the plastic are particularly stubborn.

Removing the entire spectrum of odours again as effectively as possible requires the support of the entire recycling process chain. This includes sorting and washing, plus the mechanical recycling process. Thanks to the effective interplay of the INTAREMA® TVEplus® with the innovative ReFresher technology it is possible to effectively eliminate a considerable amount of these odour substances again.

While the TVEplus® extruder system primarily takes care of the high volatile, low molecular substances, the ReFresher also removes the low volatile, high molecular odour matter.

Thermal-physical cleaning process – without additives
The ReFresher technology keeps the pellets at the required temperature at which volatile materials can be discharged quickly and in depth. Particularly energy-saving: the ReFresher uses the system‘s own energy from the pellets which are preheated through the extrusion process. Thanks to the ideal, stable process preparation in the INTAREMA® TVEplus® only relatively short residence times are required inside the ReFresher.


  • Continuous odour discharge with hot flush gas
  • No complex vacuum system required
  • First in, first out: same treatment for all pellets

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