Recycling and raising awareness with EREMA recycling solutions

CSR Plastic is a young, aspiring recycling company in Turkey. At their location in the city of Sakarya, LDPE / LLDPE  postconsumer packaging waste are recycled into pellets for blown film applications. In order to meet the increasing market demand, CSR ordered an Intarema 1512 TVEplus® recycling machine in June 2022. In preparation for the company's entry into the field of bottle-to-bottle recycling, they decided to purchase also a VACUNITE® 2318 T 1500 recycling plant from EREMA, which will be the first Vacunite® line EREMA delivers to Türkiye. "EREMA is the best-known brand in the world of mechanical recycling technologies. The machinery manufacturer is well known for its proven solutions that make it possible to produce high quality recyclates and to reduce operating costs and maintenance requirements", explains Ali Sarp Bingöl, board member of CSR Plastic, regarding their purchase decision.
As a signal of their commitment to the society, CSR Plastics has also purchased recycling machine developed by plasticpreneur. This is an Austrian start-up company which is a member of EREMA Group. Plasticpreneur recycling solutions are mobile and easy to operate without prior knowledge. These characteristics make them a perfect solution for CSR for raising awareness of the need for plastics recycling and giving the youngest generation in kindergartens and schools a better understanding of the recycling process and of circularity.


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