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Pure PREformance!

The innovative VACUREMA® Inline Preform technology.


The innovative VACUREMA® Inline Preform makes it possible: for the first time you can produce food contact compliant 100% rPET preforms directly from post-consumer PET flakes. In one process step – without the detour via pellet production. That's efficiency! And this gives you clear benefits. This is how you can achieve considerable savings in energy consumption, reduce your logistics and process costs and increase profitability and productivity in your preform production operations.

Innovation through cooperation
Thanks to intensive research and development collaboration the two leading companies for efficient PET solutions – EREMA and SIPA – have been able to launch this groundbreaking innovation. The new inline preform system combines the efficiency benefits of the proven VACUREMA® technology with the innovative XTREME preform production system of SIPA. By combining injection and compression techniques this system allows you to produce preforms that are up to 10% lighter than even the lightest injection moulded preforms. Plus this is possible without losing any key characteristics.

High energy efficiency saves costs
The inline preform system is programmed through and through to save energy. Each system, VACUREMA® and XTREME, stands out through extremely energy-efficient performance. And this ingenious combination of the two technologies increases this efficiency even further. That is because a comprehensive process is created in which the melt flows "at one heat level" and no intermediate cooling step is required. A process with which you save considerable energy costs and achieve top colour results.


  • Everything in one working step:
    Directly from PCR-PET flakes to 100% rPET Preform 
  • 100% food contact compliant rPET preform 
  • Top quality: preforms with best mechanical properties for the stretch blow process 
  • Constant and high IV value even with poorer quality input materials 
  • Top colour results
  • High profitability 
  • Highest energy efficiency:
    - low overall energy consumption
    - no additional material predrying necessary 
  • Robust single-screw extruder: long service life and reduced maintenance costs 
  • Top-class full system competence: VACUREMA® in combination with the XTREME preform production system of SIPA

Less weight.
More freedom in design. XTREME.


Preforms with up to 10% less weight – this is what the innovative XTREME system from SIPA gives you with rotary injection-compression technology. XTREME realises this remarkable reduction in weight in comparison with the lightest of injection molded preforms – without losing any key properties. 

Another bonus of the SIPA process: more freedom of design. This is how you can realise completely new and unique preform designs.

XTREME: profitability

  • Lowest preform cost 
  • Preforms up to 10% lighter compared to traditional injection systems 
  • Minimised running costs thanks to lower energy consumption, lower transportation costs and less waste production

XTREME: performance and flexibility

  • Strong competence in preform extreme lightweighting and complex applications 
  • Reduced material stress and AA due to lower injection pressure 
  • Innovative preform design with almost no limitations in thickness (L/t up to 80) 
  • Consistent preform weight 
  • Simultaneous production of two different preforms which can be sorted into different bins 
  • Inline preform inspection system controls preform quality (optional) 
  • Preform weight mechanically adjustable on the machine without stack change

XTREME: output and efficiency

  • Increased output thanks to cycle time reduced to 5s 
  • Changeover time: 1 hour for 96-cavity mold and 45 minutes for a 72-cavity mold 
  • Significantly reduced footprint: less than 35 m
  • Easy maintenance: cam-driven synchronism prevents operator error 
  • Totally oil-free 
  • Reduced carbon footprint

How it works

VACUREMA® Inline Preform




VACUREMA® Inline Applications
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