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VACUREMA® Inline Sheet

Fully food contact compliant. Energy efficiency included.


100% food contact compliant. Through and through. rPET sheet which comes out of a VACUREMA® Inline Sheet system is ready for direct food contact. It fulfils the high requirements placed on it by the subsequent thermoforming process. In other words: top mechanical properties. The sheet also stands out through its flawless appearance. Because it achieves top colour results and, thanks to large-area ultrafine filtration, is free from contaminants. Decisive arguments in direct food contact. So the customer too can make the right choice of finished product in the supermarket.

Direct processing means a single process step
With the high-performance VACUREMA® Inline Sheet system you produce this top-quality sheet in a very cost-effective and energy-saving way. The system turns your post-consumer or inhouse PET material into the final product – rPET sheet – highly efficiently and in a single process step. No detour via pellet production is required. Additionally the proven VACUREMA® extrusion system is combined with an appropriate downstream flat sheet system from leading manufacturers.

The master of energy saving VACUREMA®
With only 0.25 kWh/kg* specific total energy consumption, the VACUREMA® Inline Sheet system leads the field in terms of energy efficiency. This was confirmed in an independent test in which the energy consumption of ten PET recycling technologies were measured.

Flexibxle input
One of the central benefits of VACUREMA® technology: you stay highly flexible regarding input, while your output remains completely stable. This is because you can produce the food contact compliant rPET sheet either directly from 100% washed post-consumer PET bottle flakes or 100% from inhouse waste edge trim. Or from the different mixtures of these input materials, including ground amorphous skeleton waste or also virgin material.

Large bandwidth of bulk densities
With VACUREMA® you process different bulk densities from 250 to 850 kg/m³ And: in terms of moisture, it is no problem either for the technology if your input material fluctuates. Thanks to the constant and high IV values, which are also realised with poorer quality input materials, consistently high operational stability is also ensured.

Taking the lead in sheet. VACUREMA®.
*) VACUREMA® only – without calender and flat die


  • Everything in one working step:
    Directly from PCR-PET flakes to 100% rPET film
  • 100% food contact compliant rPET sheet
  • Top quality: sheet with best mechanical properties for thermoforming
  • Constant and high IV value even with poorer quality input materials.
  • Excellent homogenisation combined with short extruder (very material-friendly)
  • High profitability
  • First place in energy efficiency:
    Extremely low total specific energy consumption, only 0.25 kWh/kg* No additional material predrying necessary
  • Maximum flexibility: large range of PET input mixtures possible 
  • Inhouse benefit: 100% edge trim and skeleton waste can be processed 
  • Robust single-screw extruder: long service life and reduced maintenance costs 
  • Overall system competence at its finest: VACUREMA® in combination with leading sheet plants: Amut, Battenfeld-Cincinnati, Diamat Maschinenbau, Kuhne, SML, Welex 

*Source: SKZ – Das Kunststoff-Zentrum, specific total energy consumption measured at 0.25 kWh/kg without calender and flat die

Food contact compliant
monolayer sheet


rPET sheet produced using VACUREMA® technology has a decisive advantage over conventional ABA multilayer sheet: it is food contact compliant through and through and can thus be designed as a pure monolayer sheet. A costly A level with virgin material is not necessary.

VACUREMA®: food contact compliance benefits even with ABA multilayer sheet
In some cases ABA multilayer sheet is chosen deliberately instead of monolayer sheet – for example because the application requires the use of colour/antiblock additives and the ABA structure of the sheet helps to save production costs. This is because the additives are usually used only in the two A layers and the middle layer (B) remains free from these – very often costly – additives.

With regard to food contact compliance, however, this ABA structure is problematical if the middle layer (B) does not consist of food contact grade rPET. The reason, according to a study published recently by Fraunhofer Institute*, this structure has no effective barrier layer.

In order to achieve thorough food contact compliance, therefore, the middle layer (B) also has to be food contact compliant. This is possible with VACUREMA®.

* Paper: "Assessment of Recyclates behind Functional Barriers", Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV), PET Recycling for Food Contact Conference, 3 March 2016, Frankfurt, Germany


IV champion VACUREMA®
Stable IV. Even after numerous recycling loops.


VACUREMA® gives you a very constant and high IV value. This is also shown by a comparison with a conventional twin-screw/multiple-shaft system. That is because the IV performance of VACUREMA® is considerably stronger. With a typical input material mixing ratio of 50% washed PET flakes, 40% skeleton waste and 10% production sheet waste and edge trim, the EREMA technology is above the critical IV value mark of 0.7 dl/g even after many reprocessing cycles. And, despite the fact that the input material with the same mixture composition by nature always has a lower input IV value.

The twin-screw system lies well below the IV threshold of 0.7 dl/g here. The thicker the rPET sheet, the greater the importance of this IV benefit with VACUREMA®, because this makes the thermoforming product stronger.


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VACUREMA® Inline Applications
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