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Vacurema® Inline Strapping


More safety, higher quality and better handling – these are the benefits of PET strapping compared to steel strapping. And with the high-performance VACUREMA® Inline Strapping system you can produce this strapping very inexpensively and in top quality while saving energy. Because it turns your post-consumer PET bottle flakes directly into high-strength strapping without any further pretreatment.

Direct processing means a single process step
Here the VACUREMA® extrusion system is combined with an appropriate downstream production line. This comes from the leading manufacturers Reimotec (Reifenhäuser Group) or SIMA (Dietze + Schell Group). This is how your end product is created very efficiently in a single process step – without the detour via pellet production.

Top energy-efficiency
The overall energy consumption of the compact VACUREMA® strapping technology is unrivalled at 0.65 kWh/kg. Thanks to the constant and high IV values, which are also realised with poorer quality input materials, consistently high operational stability is also ensured. Another quality bonus: the stable and very tight molecular weight distribution makes sure that the strapping has the required mechanical strength.

Flexibxle input
You can produce the high-quality PET strapping directly from 100% washed post-consumer PET bottle flakes. Or: you mix the flakes with waste production strapping or virgin material – bulk densities from 250 to 850 kg/m3 are possible. The benefit: you are highly flexible regarding input, while your output remains completely stable.


  • Everything in one working step:Directly from PCR-PET flakes to 100% rPET strapping 
  • Top quality: extremely durable, high-strength strapping 
  • Constant and high IV value even with poorer quality input materials 
  • High profitability
  • Top energy efficiency:
    Extremely low total specific energy consumption, only 0.65 kWh/kg 
  • Maximum flexibility: large range of PET input mixtures possible 
  • Top-class full system competence:
    VACUREMA® in combination with Reimotec (Reifenhäuser Group) or SIMA (Dietze + Schell Group)

Tight distribution, stable quality


The molecular mass distribution graph shows the benefit of VACUREMA® quite clearly. The narrow distribution means high tensile strength and high resistance to splicing – a strong quality bonus for the strapping.


The entire process in detail.

Der upstream process:


VACUREMA® technology

The proven energy-saving and compact VACUREMA® technology consists of a vacuum reactor and a directly linked single-screw extruder. An expensive, conventional predryer/crystallisation/extruder system is not required. This means that you save up to one third of the total specific energy costs.

One of the key benefits of the patented VACUREMA® technology is that both residual moisture and other harmful chemical contaminants which promote IV loss are already removed BEFORE extrusion. This decisive quality bonus, in combination with the fine melt filtration leads to very strong strapping with very low cross sections. In short: top quality through top technology


Vacurema® Basic


Extrusion process


1. Conveyor screw (feeding)
2. Vacuum sluice
3. Vacuum reactor
4. Single-screw extruder
5. Large area ultrafine filtration with fully automatic, self-cleaning EREMA melt filter system

Strapping process


6. Melt pump
7. Cooling bath
8. Slow godet
9. Stretching oven
10. First fast godet
11. Second fast godet
12. Embosser
13. Stabilisation oven
14. Stabilisation godet
15. Water cooling bath
16. Second stabilisation godet
17. Winder


The disadvantage of conventional systems


With many traditional systems, residual moisture and contamination are not removed until AFTER the melting process in the extruder degassing section. By this time, however, the moisture and chemical impurities which have entered the extruder have already done their damage as fluctuating moisture content in the extruder melting zone causes fluctuating IV in the melt and – even worse – in the product. The same applies to the contamination variations of many volatile, residual chemical contaminants in the input material. This results in undesired negative effects, especially in the case of cheaper, poorer quality input materials, including not only inconsistent or low strength of the strapping produced but also and above all, less stable production conditions at the production system.


The downstream process: strapping technology from

  • SIMA (Dietze + Schell Group) or
  • Reimotec (Reifenhäuser Group)

The strapping system receives the melt directly from the VACUREMA® system. The material is routed to the extrusion head via double spin pumps, then to the channels of the extrusion die and scaled to size as required. Next the material passes through several stages of thermal treatment, stretching, embossing, stabilising, cooling and winding. The end product stands out through excellent dimensional stability and first-class mechanical properties.




VACUREMA® Inline Applications
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