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VACUREMA® Inline Applications

The best way is the direct way


There is a way which takes you to your target faster. Without detours. A way which enables you to save energy and space, increase your productivity and reduce your costs. It is the direct way: the VACUREMA® Inline solution. With this solution you go from post-consumer PET flakes directly to finished thermoforming sheet or bottle preforms, to finished strapping or monofilaments. In a single process step.

We realise these direct benefits for you by combining the highly efficient VACUREMA® system with the appropriate downstream production line. Leading technologies which merge seamlessly. For more efficiency and cost-effectiveness at your production facility.

Better solution. Better direct.

VACUREMA® Inline Applications.

Die vier VACUREMA® Inline Applik­ationen im Überblick

Wählen Sie Ihren Bereich und erfahren Sie alle Vorteile kompakt zusammengefasst:

VACUREMA<sup>®</sup> Inline Sheet

VACUREMA® Inline Sheet

VACUREMA<sup>®</sup> Inline Preform

VACUREMA® Inline Preform

VACUREMA<sup>®</sup> Inline Strapping

VACUREMA® Inline Strapping

VACUREMA<sup>®</sup> Inline Fibre

VACUREMA® Inline Fibre


  • VACUREMA® = 1 closed complete system:
    • All functions, such as predrying and decontamination in the reactor, extrusion and filtration flow seamlessly into each other without interruptions (so no malfunction-sensitive conveyance/gravimetry is necessary – unlike other systems)
    • Everything from a single source: all VACUREMA® core components such as the reactor, extruder or filter come from the EREMA Group
  • High cost-effectiveness and production efficiency: end products directly from post-consumer PET flakes, in a single process step, without the detour via pellet production
  • Extremely clean, top products, approved for direct food contact
  • Flexible on input, stable on output:
    • Broad range of PET input materials possible: bottle flakes, ground amorphous skeleton waste, edge trim, strapping production waste, virgin material, bulk densities from 250 to 850 kg/m3.
    • Output: consistent end products in terms of IV value and colour despite varying moisture, IV values and bulk densities in the input material
  • Maximum resource efficiency: technology saves energy, logistics, water and space
  • Easy to operate, high degree of automation
  • Reliable and proven:
    • Overall VACUREMA® capacity worldwide: more than 2.5 million tonnes of rPET per year:
    • Collaboration with the leading manufacturers of downstream equipment



Possible materials


How it works

VACUREMA® Inline Applications

1 2 3
  1. Zone 1::

    Removal of external moisture

  2. Zone 2::

    Temperature increase to 190°C

  3. Zone 3::

    Removal of internal moisture and decontamination

From flakes to the end product in a single process step. The key components of the system include a vacuum reactor which is connected directly to a single-screw extruder. Thanks to the ingenious function of the mixers in the vacuum reactor they feature three ultra-efficient function zones which interact perfectly with each other to decontaminate and predry the PET material perfectly already BEFORE extrusion:

Zone 1 is responsible for the removal of the outer moisture of the PET flakes. The amorphous, washed flakes which enter Zone 1 via a vacuum sluice, still have extremely varying external moisture (between 0.5 and 1%). This is eliminated at around 20°C under vacuum through the reduced vaporisation point (the inner moisture here is still constant at around 0.3%).

In zone 2 the temperature rises from 20°C to 190°C. Thanks to the constantly rising temperature the polymer structure opens up and the process for the removal of the migration substances and the internal moisture from the flakes begins.

Zone 3: the process of flake decontamination and removal process unfolds with full effect. The material moves layer by layer in the direction of the single-screw extruder during the exactly defined residence time. With very low residual moisture of under 0.05% the clean, perfectly prepared material enters the intake zone of the extruder.

This material transfer takes place under high vacuum. As a result no additional degassing ports are required on the extruder itself. This means that VACUREMA® technology drastically reduces the length of the extruder, reduces its energy consumption, improves the colour values (b value) of the processed material and keeps AA values to a very low level. Moreover, the strong homogenisation performance of the extruder plays a significant part in turning the different input IV values into a stable output IV value.

In the downstream high-performance fine filter the material is filtered with a 32 µm mesh screen width. The filter system is equipped with a patented fully automatic self-cleaning system that enables long filter service life. The melt is now ready and can be transferred directly to the downstream unit. This is where the desired end products – thermoforming sheet, preforms, strapping or fibres – are produced inline without the detour of pelletising. As an option, amorphous or crystalline pellets can also be produced instead of the end products.











VACUREMA® Inline Applications
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