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Quality increase upcycling.

COREMA® combines the benefits of recycling and compounding in a single plant. This enables the property profile of the recyclate to be optimised precisely to requirements.

Recyclates for high quality final products.

The Eco Life Neo storage box by CURVER. Made purely from compounded Procyclen®. A perfect example of optimised recycling compound.

EREMA UpCentre®:
for an impressive recycling compound.

Our upcycling service based on COREMA® technology. At the EREMA UpCentre® we provide you with precision samples of optimised recycling compounds quickly and cost effectively.

Precision recycling compounds

Plastics recycling with the decisive quality advantage - this can be achieved quickly and without difficulty through upcycling. For this purpose, EREMA has developed the COREMA® Technology, a combination of recycling and compounding in a single work step. The crucial advantage: The property profile of the recycled compound can be optimized precisely in accordance with requirements.

COREMA® systems convert raw recycling materials – such as PP nonwoven, PE edge trims, PA fibres – into filtered melt using proven EREMA technology. This melt is fed directly to a co-rotating twin-screw compounding extruder. Besides the dosing of a wide variety of additives, fillers and reinforcing agents can be admixed in doses that are higher than those previously possible with EREMA recycling systems. The result is customised plastic recyclate for high-quality applications.


  • Increased value creation
  • high quality, precision optimised plastic recyclate
  • Highest productivity and flexibility
  • Easy operation
  • Very low operating costs and extremely low specific energy costs



With COREMA® systems, recycling compound is adjusted precisely to the customer's specific applications. This makes it possible to guarantee tailor-made qualities with which to open up new markets. Recycled material produced in this way is especially suitable for high-quality final products. 

Need a classic example? Eco Life Neo by CURVER is a good one. The beautifully designed storage box made by the Luxembourg manufacturer consists 100 % of post-consumer recycled plastic. They use a compound raw material called Procyclen®, supplied by Interseroh, who are EREMA customers.

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Recycling and Compounding in a single step




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