Hot die face pelletising systems with Direct Drive technology

Simple handling and maintenance have always been the trademarks of EREMA hot die face pelletising systems.

Ongoing development of Direct Drive technology has added even more operational reliability, ease of use and flexibility.

Your benefits.

Economical and technically better.

Optional automatic pelletiser speed

Optional automatic pelletiser speed adjustment control ensures reliable operation with constant pellet size, even with fluctuating melt throughput

Suitable for use with virtually all standard extruders

Direct Drive technology with vibration-free design.

HG D Bauweise

lifetime lubrication of the drive shaft

High degree of operational reliability and considerable reduction in maintenance costs

Very long pelletiser service life

Very long pelletiser service life thanks to special cutting geometry and automatic pneumatic knife pressure

Simple and rapid pelletiser knife changeover without adjustment work saves time

Automatic pelletiser function supervision with alarm signal and automatic shutdown in the event of a malfunction

Flexible configuration of equipment downstream of pelletiser

Reduced cooling water costs thanks to efficient pellet cooling system

HG Air

Hot die face pelletising systems with air technology

Robust implementation proven again and again. For automatic repelletising of different thermoplastic materials, compounds and wood/plastic composites (WPC). The series HG AIR 80K, HG AIR 120K, HG AIR 120 and HG AIR 240 set new standards in terms of operational reliability, straightforward operation and flexibility.

Your benefits.

Economical and technically better.

Robust, compact design

Simple and fast pelletiser knife changeover

Air as transport / cooling medium

Air cooling requires less infrastructure

Easy handling

High operational reliability


Semi-submerged strand pelletising systems for low-viscosity thermoplastics.

EREMA's semi-submerged strand pelletising systems are used to pelletise technical thermoplastics such as PET. Straightforward operation and minimum labour requirements contribute to the very high degree of operational reliability. Easy start-up, fast cleaning when changing over material and automatic self-feeding if strand breaks occur make these systems indispensable. Integrated crystallisation is also possible for PET.


Your benefits.

Economical and technically better.

Easy start-up with no bypass valves and lowest possible material loss

Cylindrical pellets on a par with virgin material

Fully automatic self-feeding if strand breaks occur

Reduced wear on tooling thanks to wet cutting

Cooling water removes cutting dust

Minimum personnel costs thanks to easy operation and fast cleaning and maintenance of the easily accessible components of the complete system

Adjustable spray heads for the effective cooling of the polymer strands

Avoiding downtime caused by strand breaks increases productivity

Optional CIC

Optional CIC (compact inline crystallisation) for the integrated, energy-efficient and compact crystallisation of PET or PLA

Extremely reliable and operator-friendly


Compact inline crystallisation.

A system for the integrated and energy-efficient crystallisation of PET or PLA. The melt-filtrated strands are cooled briefly in water and then cut into pellets. The material is then fed immediately into a container. The latent thermal energy inside the pellets is used for crystallisation – without additional energy input required from the outside and without interrupting the process.


Your benefits.

Economical and technically better.

Homogenous pellets

Homogenous pellets in terms of properties such as degree of crystallisation, pellet geometry, pellet weight, colour, etc.

Low production costs because no additional energy is needed

The degree of crystallisation achievable is between 30%and 40%

Easy operation and low personnel costs thanks to the high degree of automation

Trace elements are reduced without influencing the IV

No sticking occurs, thanks to the careful and homogeneous crystallisation over the whole cross section








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