EREMA Holding continues growth: "PURE LOOP" new sister company of EREMA

On 1 January 2015 the EREMA Group expanded with the founding of the new sister company PURE LOOP GesmbH which specialises exclusively in the recycling of clean production wastes using shredder/extruder technology. With the foundation of PURE LOOP, the EREMA Holding (EREMA, 3S and PURE LOOP) intensifies its portfolio in the field of In-house Recycling and thus confirms the continuous pattern of growth with a view to providing comprehensive services to the plastic recycling market and its broad spectrum of application fields and customer requirements.

In terms of strategy, PURE LOOP as the sister company of EREMA pursues the clear positioning in the market and further development of the shredder/extruder technology. This is used for the repelletising of production waste in a wide variety of forms such as film, tapes, fibres, nonwovens, fabric, hollow bodies, solid plastic parts and much more. Based on this shredder/extruder technology, the PURE LOOP plant systems will be offered starting immediately under the brand name "ISEC" (Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination).

Manfred Dobersberger, who can turn to years of experience in plastic recycling (co-founder and co-owner of NGR GmbH until 2005), has been appointed Managing Director of PURE LOOP and, working together with his team, will be responsible for both the technical development and also the sales and marketing of the new ISEC product line.

"With ISEC we are able to adapt to the scrap logistics of our customers in an optimum way," Manfred Dobersberger explains, convinced by the new plant systems, "always with the aim of returning the largest possible amount of recycled pellets to production. The key lies in the handling of the material and, therefore, minimising the possibility of contamination as far as possible." Dobersberger also emphasises: "As we are part of the EREMA Group, the customers of PURE LOOP benefit from the corresponding technical support and vast reservoir of knowledge derived from decades of plastics recycling."

The official launch of PURE LOOP GesmbH and the global premiere including live product demonstration of ISEC will take place at the NPE show in Orlando, Florida, in March 2015 (West Hall Level 2, booth W5673).


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