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Bottle-to-bottle solutions from EREMA.


Because it's about your brand.

Clean melt, clean recycled pellets, clean preforms. EREMA bottle-to-bottle systems stand for uncompromising food contact compliance, highly efficient decontamination, high-performance filtration and safe handling. For top-quality end products.

It's so

Stable processes and consistently high quality pellets and preforms: Production and plant managers appreciate these characteristics of VACUNITE® and VACUREMA® systems. Simple operation and a high degree of automation included. The fact that the end product remains stable even if the input material parameters change is a clear flexibility bonus. Safe and proven - around 250 VACUREMA® systems are in use worldwide.

A reliable

The best decision is a safe decision. EREMA bottle-to-bottle systems offer impressively low total cost of ownership, low energy consumption and high uptime. Fully in keeping with high productivity, cost effectiveness and efficiency. And that you can safely rely on.

End product: top quality

Clean, food contact compliant, IV stable and best colour results


Superclean rPET pellets

For direct food contact

with IV value on a par with virgin material

Flexible input,
consistent output

consistent end products in terms of IV value and colour despite varying moisture, IV values, bulk densities and flake wall thicknesses of the input material

Maximum resource efficiency

technology saves energy, water and space

Easy to operate

high degree of automation

Safe and proven 100 times over


Reliable decontamination of the flakes.


The central advantage of VACUNITE® and VACUREMA® systems is the unique SafeFlake technology in the vacuum reactor, which unites several central functions in one - in particular flake decontamination, drying and IV treatment.

By pre-treating the PET flakes in a vacuum at the correct temperature - and, in the case of VACUNITE®, with the additional application of nitrogen - moisture and migratory substances are removed effectively as part of the process before extrusion. This prevents any hydrolytic and oxidative decomposition of the melt in the extruder. A clear advantages in terms of melt quality and therefore the basis for a stable, highly clean and food-compliant end product with the best colour values.


SafeFlake decontamination
ensures reliable removal of migration substances and moisture as well
as IV treatment of the PET flakes BEFORE extrusion


Better melt quality, better end product quality


Compensates for different moisture and IV values in the input material - for more flexibility.





Bottle-to-Bottle: VACUNITE® / VACUREMA®
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