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Vacurema® Inline Fibre

Strong fibres. Natural Advantages


Whether it is rPET carpet fibres or staple fibres: thanks to the versatile VACUREMA® technology in combination with the right downstream equipment, you can produce the end products in an extremely energy-efficient and profitable way in just one working step. This because you use 100 % washed post consumer PET bottle flakes or mixtures of flakes with virgin material.

rPET carpet yarns Trützschler Switzerland
The purity of the recyclate thanks to the large-area ultrafine VACUREMA® filtration paves the way in the spinning of BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament) yarns for high-quality filaments. As the PET material is particularly temperature-sensitive, constant pressure conditions must prevail when processing. The VACUREMA® system fulfils these requirements: it scarcely influences the spinning process as only minimal fluctuations in pressure occur when backflushing or changing over screens.


  • Everything in one working step:
    Directly from PCR-PET flakes to 100% rPET fibre 
  • Top quality: extremely tough, high-strength fibres, high crimp 
  • Constant and high IV value even with poorer quality input materials
  • High profitability 
  • Top energy-efficiency 
  • Maximum flexibility: large range of PET input mixtures possible

Trützschler Switzerland: VACUREMA® partner
for rPET carpet yarns


Trützschler Switzerland is a specialist for the filament extrusion of thermoplastic polymers such as PP, PA6, PA6.6 and PET (primary pellets) and rPET. The company supplies bespoke solutions for the production of carpet yarns and high-strength/low-shrink filaments for industrial applications. One particular feature of all concepts is the symmetry: every spinning position is geometrically equal so the melt is distributed homogeneously and every bundle of filaments has exactly the same treatment. The machines can be precisely configured for small batches and frequent colour changes or to large plants for standard grades and minimum processing costs. Key components such as the frictionless HPc texturing unit enable the production of premium yarn grades with unique crimping characteristics.

BCF yarns from symTTex systems fulfil a wide variety of requirements:

  • Mono-colour yarns for woven and tufted carpets
  • Tri-colour yarns for tufted carpets
  • Coarse yarns up to 5,000 denier
  • Fine yarns down to 400 denier
  • Spun-dyed qualities for automotive and other applications



VACUREMA® Inline Applications
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