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Decontamination before extrusion. The effective principle behind VACUREMA® technology. Forms the basis for a top-quality end product right at the beginning of the process.


Approved for direct food contact.


consistent end products in terms of IV value and colour despite varying input material:


Overall VACUREMA® capacity worldwide: more than 2.5 million tonnes of rPET per year:

We decided in favour of VACUREMA® technology because the system is known in Brazil for its operational reliability and there are already numerous EREMA reference systems here which fulfil the stringent criteria of ANVISA.

Amauri dos Santos, General Manager von M&G Fibras in Brasilien


VACUREMA® technology saves energy, water and space.

Better for PET.

Uncompromising food contact compliance, IV stability, reliability and top energy efficiency: there are many benefits when you start with the important things first. In bottle-to-bottle recycling this means: decontamination BEFORE extrusion. This is the straightforward but very effective basic principle of the VACUREMA® technology of EREMA. And using this technology you form the perfect basis for a top-quality end product right at the beginning of the process.

As a result, IV value and further key parameters of your end product remain stable. And they stay stable even if the properties of your input material change all the time – for example in terms of moisture and bulk density or through mixtures of PET material with differing IV values.

VACUREMA®. Better for PET.


  • Extremely clean rPET
  • For direct food contact
  • Consistent product quality even with changing input material
  • Easy to operate, high degree of automation
  • Energy-saving and resource efficient
  • Reliable and proven

Flake decontamination

VACUREMA®: efficiency advantage with decontamination of flakes. And not pellets.

Food contact compliant. Safe and sound.

With regard to food contact compliance, with VACUREMA® you are on the safe side because as the flakes are already decontaminated, any undesired migration substances are removed before extrusion. These substances can no longer penetrate the polymer. You receive a squeaky clean product that is approved for direct food contact and also fulfils the criteria of FDA, EFSA and well-known brand owners.

  • Process stability and traceability through Food Contact Control (FCC)
  • A consistently reliable process is the result.

High IV values, superior stability.

VACUREMA® technology fulfils your IV requirements to perfection. The intrinsic viscosity is so stable that the values even lie within the tolerance thresholds for virgin PET material. Besides high product stability, this means that virgin material can be replaced with rPET.

  • Stable IV values like virgin material
  • IV stability thanks to vacuum treatment and top homogenisation.
  • Quality control: IV values in real time

Large-area ultra-fine filtration for ultra clean melts

Bottles and thermoforming products which are produced using rPET melt from a VACUREMA® stand out through their flawless appearance. The key to success here is: highly efficient ultrafine filtration. VACUREMA® systems are designed precisely for this, with the stable extrusion unit featuring the highly efficient EREMA SW-RTF® filter.

Stay FLAKEsible

Differing materials, moisture and wall thickness. VACUREMA® is equipped with the capability to adapt to changing conditions. Because, unlike any other rPET system, VACUREMA® turns widely varying input into a very stable output. 

Conserving resources.

VACUREMA® technology fulfils this requirement in every respect. Thanks to its basic principle of "decontamination before extrusion" and a series of additional ecological measures, it is programmed through and through for energy efficiency and saving both water and space.

Saving energy means saving costs.

High performance yet still highly energy efficient. These are the specifications for modern recycling systems. VACUREMA® systems master this challenge to perfection and in doing so set the standard for energy efficiency in the marketplace. Not only the environment but also you benefit. Because if you reduce energy consumption, you likewise reduce production costs considerably. Hour after hour.

2,500,000 tonnes of rPET per year.

Every year, VACUREMA® processes more than 2.5 million tonnes of PET to rPET worldwide – in Bottle-to-Bottle, Inline-Sheet and Pelletizing processes. The majority is produced for direct food contact. In Europe the VACUREMA® market share is 30 percent whereas in the USA it is already 50 percent. In global terms, VACUREMA® is therefore the most proven technology in the production of direct food contact grade rPET.


Extremely clean rPet pellets - in a fast, reliable and energy saving way.
Featuring stable IV values and top colour values

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