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The World's No. 1 Trade Fair
for Plastics and Rubber
19-26 October 2022
Düsseldorf Germany
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We close the loop.

For productive cycles you need smooth running loops.
EREMA makes plastics recycling efficient and profitable.


Highest productivity and flexibility, low energy consumption, easiest operation. That is what makes our plastics recycling machines stand out.

Maximum value creation.

For everything within a system to be fully integrated, it needs people who share the same values. At EREMA these values are customer and solution-oriented, responsible and respectful.

Pure quality.

Our plants are designed for high-quality pellets. So that they can produce first-class products at a later stage.

Production waste?
100% raw material!

Recycle in-house instead of disposal. With EREMA in-house recycling systems.

The best-possible quality,
for high-yield circuits.

The idea that recycling only remains intact if post consumer waste is processed to produce the highest grade pellets. That is why EREMA machines deliver filtration, homogenisation and degassing at the highest level.

Total capacity:
1.2 million tonnes rPET

per year. Worldwide.

VACUREMA® the recycling technology used most frequently for post consumer PET bottle flakes, PET in-house waste and PE-HD bottle flakes. And from EREMA.

Driven forwards.

EREMA makes plastics recycling extremely efficient and profitable over the long term.


The systems from EREMA are designed for a single purpose: to make plastics recycling as innovative and efficient as possible. We develop reliable machines and components that are customer and solution-oriented in every detail. For us, sustainable business goes hand-in-hand with profitable processing. At the moment there are more than 7.000 of our systems in operation worldwide.

Together they produce more than 18.5 million tonnes of the highest quality pellets annually. 
These figures make us the world leader in plastics recycling machines and system components. As a forward looking company we are continuously researching new technologies and further optimisations.



Please choose your recycling application:

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Inhouse & Industrial

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